EP 6 - Tay Zonday – The Importance of Influencers


This week we had the pleasure of interviewing the voice of Renegade Reporting’s intro and outro, Tay Zonday (@TayZonday). Tay is the YouTube entrepreneur who catapulted to fame from his hit video, “Chocolate Rain”. Did you know that the song was actually a B-side to another song?

Joining YouTube over 9 years ago, Tay was one of the first recognizable YouTubers and continues to make an impact worldwide. He shares his knowledge on making great content as an influencer, how much one million views earns, and the true meaning of his first breakout hit. Here are some of the things you’ll hear:

  • A day above ground is another reason to smile
  • Creating art is like putting a child up for adoption
  • How Vidcon, Playlist Live and VloggerFair are boosting influencers
  • Which is better, Superman videos or Clark Kent Snapchatting?
  • Social branding is imperative to all businesses
  • Google searchability should be a top priority
  •  Differences between Tay Zonday and Adam Bahner
  • Content marketing strategies need to integrate trending topics
  • Often times asking the question is more important than the answer
  • Algorithms programmatically limit your social discovery
  • To master subjects it’s crucial to study topics contrary to your liking
  • International news is a gateway to your domestic understanding
  • China is EVERYWHERE including on YouTube
  • Loops, instrumentals and remixing were key to his viral success
  • MCNs are still searching for their model, but will they ever find it?
  • YouTube music has lower CPMs (cost per thousand) than tech news, gamers, unboxing because they’re shorter
  • Family channels deliver higher ad rates with sellable inventories
  • 1 million YouTube views equals $1K - $30K+ in revenue share
  • Video cameras are the best bullsh*t detectors in existence
  • Shane Dawson is classic example in shift of viewing behavior
  • Confessional channels like Chris Crocker are growing on Facebook
  • Regis Philbin (@regis) has lived the perfect life in Tay’s eyes
  • Live with Kelly, are you hiring? Tay is available.
  • A true artist’s work is never finished
  • Fav Quote: Steve Jobs – “We’re here to put a dent in the universe.”
  • Fav Quote: Tay Zonday – “Never confuse success with achievement, they’re both high, but one is an eagle and the other is a mountain.”

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Question of the Day: What was the first video you ever shared with your friends socially? (Please comment below).

Thanks again for listening and please check out Tay Zonday (@TayZonday) on Twitter, as well as on YouTube, Facebook and at TayZonday.com.

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Special Thanks to Tay Zonday (@TayZonday) for our intro/outro, Jesse F. Daniels (@JesseFDaniels) for associate production, Mike Drobinski (@DroboCop83) for photography, Maximilien Meyer for his sketch artistry (@Maximilienaire) and Bryan Hicks at DREAMCASK (@DreamCask2016) for customizing a killer website.

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