EP 7 – Zach Jordan – The Epidemic of Our Lifetime


This week we had the pleasure of speaking with Zach Jordan (@ZachJordan), Co-founder of MyAlzheimers.net about the epidemic of our lifetime, which costs the United States over $236 Billion per year.

After producing the award-winning documentary film, Carpe Kilimanjaro, Zach and his producing partner Peter Schankowitz set out to deliver the largest collection of Alzheimer stories on video. Their goal is to remove the stigma to build a community, raise money for research, and get more patients into clinical trails. Here are some of the things you’ll hear:

  • Carpe Kilimanjaro documented Zach’s physical mountain ascension, metaphorical climb into fatherhood and his father’s downward spiral into Alzheimers
  • MyAlzheimers.net is a niche, social network aiming to become the world’s largest collection of Alzheimer stories
  • By next year, their goal is to compile over 10K videos
  • Humans of New York’ Project demonstrates the power behind narrative
  • Empowering users to eradicate the disease by sharing stories
  • Humans of New York (@humansofny) raised $3.8M for The Sloan Kettering Cancer Memorial in 3 weeks
  • GoFundMe (@GoFundMe) has raised $2 Billion since its inception
  • Awareness is infectious and social media facilitates a global reach
  • Collective effort for a cure with many celebrities– Maria Shriver (@MariaShriver), Seth Rogen (@SethRogen), Bryan Cranston (@BryanCranston), Samuel L Jackson (@SamuelLJackson), Soleil Moon Frye (@moonfrye)
  • Real stories deliver narrative and heart of story vs. picture of a celeb
  • Potential Alzheimer clues: Getting lost on same route to work, forgetting regular client’s names, not knowing what your doing for extended periods of time
  • For example: Zach’s father turned left and drove straight into traffic without knowing
  • Women are far more affected from the disease and caregiving roles
  • No matter what hits you, learn to hug, cry and keeping moving forward
  • Alzheimers is the tip of the iceberg in the aging frontier
  • Must prepare communities and education systems to handle aging
  • Time waits for no man
  • Story has the power to change
  • If it’s affected your family, you need to talk about it
  • NIH said a minimum of $2 Billion on research could help find a cure
  • Alzheimers currently costs the US $236 Billion per year
  • Full-time care could cost $5K-10K per month, which won’t be covered by Medicaid or Medicare
  • This disease is crippling Middle America
  • Join MyAlzheimers.net on 6/20/2016, the summer solstice and longest day of the year to show your support!!
  •  Fav Quote: “Don’t Quit. It’s that simple.”


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 Question of the Day: Would you want to know if you had a fatal disease? (Please comment below).

Thanks again for listening and please check out Zach Jordan (@ZachJordan) and MyAlzheimers.net on Twitter (@MyAlzheimers) as well as his award-winning film at CarpeKilimanjaro.com. If you know someone affected by this disease, PLEASE FORWARD this to them. Let’s raise awareness to help make a difference!!

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