EP 9 – New Wine’s Pastor Brooks – No Such Thing as Coincidence


Arguably one of the most spiritual interviews to date, Pastor Terrence Brooks (@NewWineLB) opens up about his transition from a rough childhood in South Central LA to running New Wine Community Church (NewWineCC.com). After growing up amongst drugs and violence with gangs like the Bloods and Crips, Terrence used basketball as a vehicle to find his ultimate purpose in life.

Pastor Brooks shares his compelling story, including the ethereal experience behind being saved … in more ways than one. He covers such topics as the importance of community, religion versus gospel, as well as simple steps we can all take to become the “Salt of the Earth.” Below you’ll find some of the other things we also discussed.

  • Everyone has a Guardian angel, such as his Grandmother, who took him under his wing and moved him to Louisiana for a new life
  • Every child needs a role model who supports them as they mature
  • Organized sports provided structure, teamwork and a ticket to college
  • Dallas provided seminary school, a chance to nurture his basketball skills, as well as the best teammate and coach he could ask for, Jesus
  • Daily routines -> Reading Bible & Asking for forgiveness of sins
  •  Friend urged him to read Bible, while asking the Lord to “speak to you”
  • Brooks asked God to make him like his son
  • Life-changing moment was when he read Proverbs 31:3 “Do not give your strength to women, or your ways to that which destroys Kings.”
  • Hours later his father was murdered by girlfriend -> Not a Coincidence
  • Stars shined bright and rained down in a moment of spiritual euphoria
  • It was the presence of God -> Not a Coincidence
  • Dreams that occur are a deeper spiritual connection with life
  • Shortly afterwards Brooks reconnected and married high school sweetheart -> Not a Coincidence
  • As Christians we must strive to “Be The Salt of the Earth!”
  • Salt is … a preservative, disinfectant, flavoring and thirst activator
  • We must preserve all that is holy, shine our light in darkness, provide value and support to our community, and set a positive example to activate the goodness in others
  • We are the immune system to fight off evil in the world
  • Church is a family you belong to, not a building you attend
  • We should be real AND religious in today’s traditions-> Real-igious
  • Belong before you believe and love before you’ve accepted, without being judged and rejected
  • Gospel constitutes everything good and the blessings they bring
  • Do good deeds publicly, so that your light will shine to glorify him
  • Understand your motivations to tap into your full potential
  • Give and provide services to appeal to your heart, not the applause
  • Nothing great is ever achieved without giving time, money, energy, talent, skills or resources
  • Community is vital to loving one another and finding deeper meaning
  • Learn to love your enemies by seeing the death of Jesus as a love story
  • Forgiveness is possible and is necessary to your growth
  •  YOU are a unique emanation of GOD
  • To find your true purpose, you need to embrace your own uniqueness
  • Pastor Brooks’ purpose is to point people to Jesus and make him known
  • Fav Quote: Paul from the Bible, “My life is worth nothing, unless I use it to help people understand the Gospel.”


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