EP 4 - David Sheinkopf - Building Dreams and Letting Go


David Sheinkopf (@davidsheinkopf) is a DIY master builder, host of “Design on a Dime” on @HGTV and spokesperson for @RIDGIDPower tools.

David launched his acting career on “Falcon Crest” alongside another ‘Renegade’ named Lorenzo Lamas (@lorenzolamas), and eventually transitioned into building after discovering a passion for expressing himself through carpentry. David is an artist through and through and shares stories about Sanford Meisner, mentors and making everyone feel loved. Oh yeah, wait until you hear his voice! Here are some other things you’ll also hear:

  • Everyone must move forward to keep their dreams progressing
  • David found building as a way to supplement other interests
  • Limit spikes in stress and excitement to keep you at your best
  • Key mentors David Boyd and Michael Carvin helped carve his artistry
  • Michael Carvin was a Holocaust evader and taught him ‘understanding’
  • David Boyd shared ways to execute the ‘visions in his head’
  • Artists must truly love and appreciate everything around them
  • Connection is the bloodline to survival 
  • “When life gives you lemon, make that lemonade already!”
  • Know when to ‘let go’ and give yourself away to your artwork
  • Follow a dream for the dream’s sake and not the end result
  • Success is getting paid for what you love
  • Everyone needs to know their niche
  • All audiences want guidance, knowledge, affirmation or validation
  • David’s dream vacation? Getting unplugged from technology
  • Every culture has gift giving like a Mitzvah and it’s crucial to well being
  • Poets are poets because they HAVE to not because they WANT to
  • Stretch, be positive, help someone and eat healthy every day
  • Your health is everything
  • Taking care of yourself should be a primary job
  • People can lift you up, but you must be willing to stand
  • Nothing in life is coincidental
  • As an artist, it is essential to create
  • Fav Quote: Henry David Thoreau: “If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.”

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Question of the Day: What’s the best way to unplug from technology to take a digital and social siesta? (Please comment below).

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