EP 1 - Jesse F Daniels - Starting a Podcast and Visualization


In 2008, Stephen Seidel hit the streets of New York City with a microphone and mission … to tell stories. The goal was to bring dreams from the streets to the screen. A close friend Dean Bokhari (@DeanBokhari) suggested Renegade Reporting make the transition to podcasting for quite some time. With its first ever iTunes episode ever, Renegade Reporting has evolved into a Self-Help Business Podcast, following in the footsteps of many amazing podcast storytellers such as Joe Rogan (@JoeRogan), Marc Maron (@MarcMaron) and Tim Ferriss (@tferriss).

Our mission is to impact, inspire and empower our audiences with stories from visionaries, risk takers and activists who Step Up, Speak Out and Stand Firm for their beliefs. Join us as we overcome obstacles and uncover true meaning.

When we decided to launch the Renegade Reporting Podcast, we immediately reached out to fellow podcastrenpreneur, Jesse F. Daniels. Jesse has been hosting podcasts for over 7 years and agreed to not only be our first guest, but also produce our intro and outro. Tay Zonday (@TayZonday) graciously offered his one of kind pipes for the audio. Tay’s video “Chocolate Rain” now has over 107 million views on YouTube, but who’s counting?

Jesse F. Daniels (@JesseFDaniels) is the voice behind Las Vegas Pulse 96.7 FM, the RAWdio podcast, as well as the ERNIE and JESSE Podcast, which has over 200 episodes to date. 

In today’s podcast, we cover everything from voting with your dollar, eating vegan, as well as visualizing your success. Here are some other things you’ll hear:

  • Key elements of starting & launching a podcast
  • Podcast technology advancements such as Clammr (@ClammrApp)
  • The importance of being either a content curator or creator
  • Social sharing successes such as TheFatJewish (@TheFatJew_)
  • Going for broke like Daymond John did (@TheSharkDaymond)
  • Treating time as a commodity as per Tim Ferriss NY Times Best Seller
  • Stretching and visualizing your ultimate gameplan
  • Addicting behavior such as fast food & McDonald’s McRibs
  • Cowspiracy.com & the affect of cows on global Carbon Dioxide levels
  • Successful people wake up early, but how early?
  • For Every 5 Failures, there’s often 1 Success Story
  • LA-Based Branded Personality Community, Hosts in LA #HILA
  • Excessive Hashtags such as #Blessed #ActorLife & #NoPromo

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Question of the Day: If you had the opportunity to meet someone you consider to be ‘successful’, who would it be? (Please comment below).

Thanks again for listening and please check out Jesse F. Daniels at JFD.me and hit him up at @JesseFDaniels.

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