EP 10 – WeAreLATech’s Espree Devora – Entrepreneurs and Outsourcing


This week we had the privilege of speaking with entrepreneur Espree Devora (@EspreeDevora), who is also known as “the Girl who Gets it Done.” She is the Founder and Creator of WeAreLATech.com (@WeAreLATech), which hosts the first podcast focused on LA Startups and was #2 on iTunes across all categories in New & Noteworthy. WeAreLATech is a robust community building resource for startups in Silicon Beach to find local events, organizations and talent to reach their fullest potential. 

Espree is also the author of the “Outsourcing Cheat Sheet” and was recently voted one of the “50 LA Women Startup Founders you Should Know” by BuiltinLA. She is constantly pushing productivity to its limits and has even outsourced her love life. Espree eloquently places raw human emotion and emerging technology in juxtaposition to give us a glimpse into the eye of an entrepreneur.  Below you’ll find some of the other things we also discussed.

  • Opportunity is everywhere, entrepreneurs find the open door to yes
  • Find your passion by building a business around what you love
  • Think of people in terms of relationships, not numbers or metrics
  • WeAreLATech is an access point for amazing startup experiences
  • Mentor Corey Rudl taught her to master online communication
  • Entrepreneurs must consistently take action and execute
  • Every “No” eventually leads to a “Yes”
  • Communicate from a place of gratitude to minimize negativity
  • Journaling is essential to expressing gratitude & envisioning your dream life
  • Focus business goals to be sustainable and profitable
  • After each day, take notice if you enjoyed day or achieved goals, if not you must establish steps to change the outcome tomorrow
  • Mother Hermine Hilton “America’s Memory Motivator” helped her believe anything was attainable
  • Key Quote from Mom: Keep on Trucking!
  • Outsourcing is essential for growth and scaling
  • Find talent based on skill sets and build roles around them
  • Success requires both building a team and trusting them
  • WeAreLATech values an open and honest Culture Code  -> Read How!
  • Drive relationships by taking online communication to offline events
  • Build To Do Lists and then section off tasks to delegate to teams
  • Delegate tasks with Basecamp software and sales with Trello
  • Project Management can be maintained with Asana
  • Take steady breaks by using Pomodoro Pro to notify you ever 25 min
  • Top 5 Emerging Tech Companies in LA
    • Snapchat – If you don’t know of them, you are old. Lol.
    • Nailsnaps – Customized and printable stickers for nails
    • Primemind – Vice Magazine for Intellectuals
    • Tripscope – Integrated app for booking travel and vacations
    • Tinder – If you don’t know of them, then Swipe away.
  •  The Alchemist” has been integral to Espree’s success
  • 90DaysToMoma is an inspiring story of tech guru Blake Jamieson’s attempt to break into SF’s art scene in 90 days – MUST SEE!!
  • Time constraints help narrow focus and increase performance
  • “What have you been putting off?” – DO IT!
  •  Fav Books – “Predictably Irrational” and “Girl Boss”
  • Fav Quote: Espree Devora - “Your intuition is your oracle.”
  • Fav Quote: Paulo Coehlo - “When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream.”

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Thanks again for listening! If you want to keep your pulse on what’s emerging and groundbreaking in the tech scene, you better check out Espree Devora and definitely follow her social channels. Tweet her, I bet she’ll respond. She curates several podcasts like WeAreLATech, WomenInTech and more.

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