EP 3 - Irina Voronina - Playboy and Social Media


Irina Voronina (@IrinaVoronina) is Playboy’s Miss January 2001 and digital maven who has mastered the art of social media with nearly 4MM followers on the Irina Voronina Facebook Fan Page.

Irina is a digital tour de force who walks us through Playboy’s transition to non-nude photos, mastering Periscope, as well as simple social media strategies you can implement today. Here are some other things you’ll hear:

  • Irina comes from family of strong and powerful Russian women
  • Early marriage to Swiss man was catalyst for her success
  • Switzerland’s history of watches, chocolates and francs
  • Every person you meet ultimately serves a purpose
  • Her first time meeting future boss and entrepreneur, Hugh Hefner
  • Hefner’s activism efforts to support of black and gay rights
  • Brande Roderick’s ability to leverage Playboy as a stepping stone
  • Irina’s suggestion for women to own their beauty inside and out
  • Girls learning to see through the makeup and photoshop alterations
  • Disappearance of anonymity due to social media
  • Social bullying exists so one must grow thick skin
  • Disregard negativity from trolls by taking away their power
  • Technology’s evolution and its role with magazine publishers
  • Rise of pornography & accessibility made Playboy pivot
  • Podcasts are the new business card and vehicle for freedom of speech
  • When you create for yourself, you take the power back
  • If you are typecast, learn to embrace to further your intentions
  • Study tape and rehearse to get ready for the next challenge
  • When life gives you a chance, don’t waste it
  • Make a to do list to ensure you execute everything
  • Schedule media posts to maximize time management
  • Maintain content calendars and post regularly to grow channels
  • Newsflash: Irina Voronina does all her own posts!
  • Best places to meet Playmates
  • How NOT to pick up a girl on Facebook
  • Fav Quote: “Laugh to erase the dirt on your mind!”

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Thanks again for listening and please check out Irina Voronina at IrinaVoronina.net and hit her up at @IrinaVoronina.

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