EP 5 - Rob Fazio – Simple is the New Smart


Rob Fazio, PhD (@Rob_Fazio) is the author of “Simple Is the New Smart: 26 Success Strategies to Build Confidence, Inspire Yourself, and Reach Your Ultimate Potential”, Managing Partner of OnPoint Advising and Founder/President of Hold The Door For Others, a nonprofit organization helping others grow through adversity, which was inspired by the 9/11 attacks. 

Rob specializes in making success simple, by finding ways to open new doors and opportunities. A background in psychology helped him leverage athletics to teach confidence, and then pivot to coaching business owners his strategies for success. To date Rob has worked with countless Fortune 500 companies, and shared those secrets with us. Here are some of the things you’ll hear: 

  • Paving a path at Penn State University’s Delta Upsilon Fraternity
  • Famous DU brothers – Linus Pauling, Alan Thicke, Charles D. Prutzman
  • Best athletes only know that they WILL win, not HOW
  • Focus mindset to perform your best at the worst moments
  • Allocate your energy only towards what you can control
  • When Michael Jordan missed a shot, did he doing anything different from when he made a shot? No, he went and prepared for defense
  • Relinquish negative thoughts to focus on what’s next
  • Why get in your own way, when opposition is already doing that?
  • Each failure brings you closer to success
  • Success requires the willingness to make sacrifices
  • Giving up time is lost money and requires a cost benefit analysis
  • Find appropriate submission forms on publisher websites to pitch
  • Book treatment requirements: 2 chapters, Table of Contents and a marketing plan
  • Proof of marketing: Social Media, Klout score, appearances, websites
  • Self-publishing market is much more competitive due to Amazon
  • Simple is the New Smart” has 26 Success Strategies to Build Confidence, Inspire Yourself and Reach Your Full Potential
  • To excel you must shift focus from absence to action
  • For example: Find your insecurities and install a security system
  • Perceived as unintelligent, then begin to build confidence and grow
  • Key motivator mantra – Fit, Fight or Flight
  • Fit = working, Fight = worth improving, Flight = move on
  • Key motivators – People, performance, power and purpose
  • Psychological swagger is understanding beliefs to become confident
  • Hold the Door For Others nonprofit was inspired by losing father during 9/11 attacks, as he held the door for coworkers when tower went down
  • Losing a parent lights a fire within to find purpose in life
  • There is enough room at the top to bring others around you higher
  • You can be successful and still be a nice person
  • Mentor program helped Rob define who he actually was
  • Fav Quote: Henry Ford - “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right!”

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