EP 8 – HeadBlade’s Todd Greene – Building a Better Mousetrap



Very excited to share our interview with entrepreneur and founder of HeadBlade, Todd Greene (@HeadBlade). After years of shaving his head with a standard razor, Todd designed his own ergonomic handle out of necessity, which went on to become TIME magazine’s “Best Invention of the Year.”

Todd shares insights on taking an idea from concept to completion and positioning yourself for success. He covers topics such as applying for utility patents, targeting audiences and how constraints can be a blessing in disguise. This is a must listen for “Shark Tank” fans and anyone with great “ideas”. Here are some of the things you’ll hear:

  • How he went from 5 o'clock shadows to his lightbulb moment
  • All it takes is one person to say YES -> Richard Jarel was one of them.
  • Importance of prototyping, such as his first model the “Hair Jordan”
  • Contraints such as cost helped keep original design simple
  • Car-shaped razors drove change by showing users how it worked
  • Technology and 3D printing has accelerated prototyping
  • I-P (intellectual property) is better than I-D-E-A-S
  • Push ideas into utility patents prior to licensing
  • Focus on building community vs. spending dollars or selling out
  • Leverage lawyers to “measure twice and cut once”
  • Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter & Indiegogo often devalue startups
  • E-commerce (not retail) is a faster and most economical growth engine
  • Start with microcosm to prove concept first
  • Focus was driving traffic to guys who shave, aka 3% of population
  • Gay demo were early tech adopters so they became target audience due to disposable income and willingness to buy online
  • Shop socially enabled cross-platform product sharing
  • Early reality show product placement was low cost marketing
  • Identify authentic users to build relationships for organic traffic
  • Bald heads were initially seen as negative, but HeadBlade became empowering
  • Shaving head is active, losing hair is passive – Take the power back!
  • Would you rather join a feel-good lifestyle or use a cold, hard razor?
  • HeadBladers range from Harley Davidson riders and athletes to cancer patients
  • TIME magazine’s “Best Invention of the Year” was tipping point
  • Visualize final product and how you’ll get from Point A to Point B
  • Everyone needs someone to hold them accountable
  • Outsource, outsource, outsource!
  • Be realistic with your goals and don’t spread yourself too thin
  • Success is doing what you love, while living within your means and maintaining your integrity
  • Do you … “Want what you have” or “Have what you want” ?
  • You MUST believe in yourself!
  • Fav Quote: “Count no man’s fortune, until he’s dead.”

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Thanks again for listening and please check out Todd Greene (@HeadBlade) and visit HeadBlade.com to try one today! If you know a friend that wants to empower themselves when shaving their head, please forward this to them. Let’s make a difference in each other’s lives together!!

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